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SKOUT is the developer of a location-based social networking and dating application and website. SKOUT was one of the first dating and mobile people discovery applications to emphasize generalized user location. [1] SKOUT is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Other SKOUT properties include Nixter, a nightlife app, [2] and Fuse, an ephemeral group messaging app. [3] SKOUT reported that over 500 million connections were made using its app in 2013. [4]

SKOUT raised $22 million in venture capital from Andreessen Horowitz in April 2012. [9] Prior to this investment, SKOUT had raised a collective $4.6 million in angel investment. [9] In June 2012, SKOUT suspended its service for minors, after three separate incidents in which minors were allegedly raped by adults posing as teenagers. [12] [13] It later resumed its services for teenagers in July 2012 with after introducing additional safety measures. [14]

In May 2014, the company acquired, Nixter, a nightlife app which allows users to find nightlife events, buy tickets, and see guest lists for events in New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. [2] SKOUT launched Fuse, an app that gives users tools to construct their own social network that functions off the address book on their smartphone or tablet, in June 2014. [20] In 2015, SKOUT announced that it had reached more than 10 million members. [21]

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Компания была основана в феврале 2005 года тремя бывшими работниками PayPal в Сан-Бруно , Калифорния. Они использовали технологию Flash Video (FLV), позволяющую получить относительно хорошее качество записи при небольшом объёме передаваемых данных. Проект стал хорошим средством развлечения, и, сформировав своё сообщество, по данным статистики аналитической компании Alexa , опередил по популярности социальную сеть MySpace.

В ноябре 2006 года была завершена покупка YouTube компанией Google за 1,65 миллиарда долларов [9] . До покупки YouTube у Google был сервис схожей направленности — Google Видео. Представители Google не стали закрывать его, а использовали его как место поиска видео по всем видеохостинговым сайтам. В настоящее время поиск Google Video включает и YouTube.

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