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Honestly, not having full-body pics in your profile would be a red flag to me.

As far as moving it on to a real-life meeting, you can always do something like "I'm not very good at this online thing, would you like to meet up for a drink tomorrow or Wednesday?"

Also, I like howaboutwe's approach to getting people to actually go on dates, but I haven't used it myself.

Interesting Neurology Grand Rounds presentation by R. O"Brien on how lipid profiles extracted from CSF relate to ApoE3/4, gender and age.

Oh. Not a regular on FB. Interesting! Reminds me of fish pond ( game ) we played in school. Anonymous comments, akin to egg profiles

Be approachable by sharing interesting facts, statistics and employee profiles on social media platforms.

I know I"m out of time, but can you rexommend the most interesting twitter profiles ( related to S C ) to follow ( learn ) please? Appreciated isn't bad, I guess. I didn't actually meet anyone through it though, due to meeting someone at work. But is free, which is what drew me to it in the first place.

Dear friend! That stuff is just gorgeous, you have to read about it more at All best, Antoinette Ferrell

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Gender: it would be interesting to get the % of non-displayed and/or custom profiles

Why do people who don"t have BTS on their profiles follow me? I"m not interesting in ant aspects except for an ARMY??

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Jared Norris and David Mayo are very interesting profiles on the carolina defense that balled out today

True dat. It"s an interesting observation nonetheless that profiles I tweeted with everyday didn"t notice. It"s like Satoshi disappearing :p

Piling on, seems an interesting benchmark to optimize against. We are experimenting with better testing user-representative browser profiles

But i get what you mean in that these types of guys usually dont have interesting profiles and don"t take dating seriously lol