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A Men's Help How To Date Someone - Duur: 0:38.

I didn’t used to think Russian was anything special. Ever since I saw this video: I’ve changed my mind. After all, they say Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, so the men must be extra charming to be able to woo them over.

This site has a lot of interesting information I didn’t know about how Russian men and women behave and how they date: (They sound very charming!)

Cryptopia Ep. 1- Introduction & Wonderful Websites 4U [Weekly Mini-Series] - Duur: 28:13.

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A Men's Help How To Date Someone - Duur: 0:38.

Benchmark, the venture capital firm that is one of Uber’s biggest investors, sued Mr. Kalanick in an attempt to remove him from the ride-hailing company’s board.

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The market place of internet-dating - fits with reality that consumers are products across all social media -

More than 5,400 Google employees have weighed in on queries Sundar Pichai should tackle related to controversial diversity memo.

What"s dispiriting about internet dating is the fact that you it relies so much on looks.

8 years ago: internet dating is so stupid today: has just found the perfect guy whom I adore thanks to the net, hypocrite that I am.

Two young Israeli men alleged by this author to have co-founded vDOS -- until recently the largest and most profitable cyber attack-for-hire service online -- were arrested and formally indicted this week in Israel on conspiracy and hacking charges.