Topics: Use Your iPhone’s Battery To Learn Where Your Time Goes

We’ve all done it. Thrown ourselves onto the couch, phone in hand, determined to like only a few Instagram pictures of dogs in backpacks and inspirational calligraphy work. Three hours later, you realize you’ve done nothing but make yourself feel a little bit sadder (your calligraphy work is just fine, by the way). You’re able to track the time you spend on your computer pretty easily thanks to a host of time management apps, but not many exist for your iPhone, mostly for security reasons.

There are apps like Moment, sure, but if you don’t want to pay for an app that makes you take screenshots every morning to tell you what you’ve been doing the day before, your iPhone itself will tell you where the last few minutes (or days) went, if you know where to look.

Instead of taking up phone space with an extra app, you can find out where your precious minutes get spent by visiting your iPhone’s Battery section, according to The Next Web. When you hit Settings and tap the Battery section, scroll down to the Battery Usage section (give it a second or two to compose itself). The Battery Usage section tells you how much battery power each app has consumed over either the past 24 hours or past 7 days.

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Product Request: Proximity-Based iPhone App that allows users to use AirPods as Walkie Talkies. Great for office/general workers/employees.

Very cool- hidden proximity sensor on front will detect when you hold iPhone to your face turn off the display touch screen