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A survey of the Mehran plain, north of Deh Luran but in the same environment, discovered Choga Khulaman, a pre-pottery site (Ḵaliliyān). Other sites on the Iraqi side have also been reported (Mortensen, 2002; Oates, 1966). A probable source for the immigrants to Deh Luran at the end of the Neolithic is the Mandali plain on the border with Iraq(Oates, 1973; 1983).

At this time there is no indication of older settlements in this region, suggesting that agriculture and herding moved belatedly here as compared with the central Zagros at such sites as Ganj Dareh, Abdul Hosein, and Sarab. Curiously the region also may have lacked permanent settlements for a thousand years after Hajji Firuz was abandoned. The next ceramic phase is known as Dalma tradition and contemporary with early Chalcolithic cultures elsewhere. This type of pottery signals the end of the Neolithic in the Mahi Dasht.

Southern Iran (Fars) : Tall-e Mushki and Tall-e Jari are Neolithic sites in southern Iran near the city of Shiraz. Both have been excavated by a Japanese team, but poorly reported. The older, Mushki (8,000-7,500 B.P.), was excavated in 1965 (Fukai, Horiuchi, and Matsutani), while Jari (7,500-6,900 B.P.) was dug in 1959 (Egami;Nishiaki, fig. 3). The Marv Dasht is about 1,600 m in elevation, and in recent historic times has been summer pasture of Bakhtiari ( BAḴTIĀRI TRIBE ) and Qashgai (see QAŠQĀʾI TRIBAL CONFEDERACY ) pastoralists.

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