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Jason visited the ever popular yesterday, a great attraction for any fan

Attraction is one thing. Compatibility is another. It doesn’t mean that you’re compatible even when you get attracted to one another.

I don"t mind more talent, but I don"t like how you have more female trio/stables. If its not 4HW vs 4HW ( which is a big money attraction match ) then the stable stuff needs to end.

Like I said, to get someone attraction has to be a two way street

Moreno and Henderson, the 2 players who will doom us at the end. Klopp somehow has a special attraction towards Hendo. I mean he"s fit to be th captain of Hull City or Watford. Liverpool need someone like Gerrard, Kompany or John Terry not a player who can"t even control himself.

Hi ! The correct answer is 50. Book your tickets to visit the attraction and see them all for a starstruck moment. Good try!