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So, what should a woman do should she not have started dating a younger guy in a first place? Should she have cut it as soon as she felt that she was developing feelings for the guy? Or should she continue seeing the guy, enjoy dating him as much as she can while she can, and not worry about the outcome of the situation too much, without thinking about the future too much?

But then again not every woman wants family and children. Certainly, commitment, family and children are the last thing on those women’s mind who felt “suffocated” in their prior relationship or marriage, went through a challenging divorce or a painful break-up, and who feel the urge to enjoy and celebrate their newly found freedom.

Ultimately, no one can objectively advise a woman whether she should date a younger man, as only she knows what her goals are, and only she feels her needs and desires are at that specific stage in her life considering the unique circumstances of her present emotional state and her dating past. An intense physical affair might just be something she needs to enjoy your life and to be distracted from her previous break-up or disappointments in men.

Older men dating younger women have an awesome advantage over their younger colleagues. They have experience and maturity that women love.

My ex is now dating someone way cuter, younger and skinner than me.

If you cheat on a girl that"s willing to do anything for you, you actually cheated yourself out of true loyalty.

I refuse to take any dating advice from someone Younger than me

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Older women dating younger men can be a lifestyle switching encounter with next to nothing to lose and a good deal to find out.

Get in the habit of smiling when you come across younger men who attract you. Be ready for the unexpected.

Some women benefit from dating younger men because they are more sexually active than older men.

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Nature has played a mean trick on humans with women reaching their sexual peak later in life and men reaching it earlier.

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