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Amanda Getchell grew up shooting guns but after surviving the Las Vegas massacre, she wants semi-automatic assault rifles banned. The problem, she says, is.

It is good to smoke less and less. It is good that my tobacco hook goes away totally soon.ü

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Cleaned my parents’ room so my dad would give me his Netflix password but he still won’t zzzzz waste my time lmfao. Someone hook ya girl up pls

The secret behind finding a high-value stock is locating the market sectors that are booming – and in 2017 there are four industries that are head and shoulders above the rest. Cryptocurrencies, cannabis, cybersecurity and cobalt. Cobalt demand is so strong and supply so uncertain that the scramble of major automakers and battery gigafactory bulls to secure a pipeline has sent prices soaring. Investors who got left out of the first major cryptocurrency wave are feeling the pain but watching the next wave roll in with industrial-scale digital…

Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни Kiss Me группы Ed Sheeran

Never hook up with a girl who dorms directly across from you. Cause her childish friends will think it"s cool to flip you off through the peephole of your door. Love my fans

Moms: I LOVE wine when i die just hook it right up to my I.V haha when I get home I drink a couple gallons of wine haha idc what you do as long as I get my wine!!1!1

*lets out a wanton groan into the kiss, back arching to press my skin against your hook, a noticeable shiver sliding down my spine to explode low in my belly. My fingers tighten in your hair as my bite sharply at your bottom lip*

Мелани Торнтон (1994-2000)
Лэйн Маккрей (с 1994 по наст.время)
Наташа Райт (2000-2001)
Кайо Шекони (2001)
Дана Райн (с 2008 по наст. время)

La Bouche ( рус. Рот ) — музыкальная группа, дуэт, состоявший из Мелани Торнтон и Лэйна Маккрея. Был создан продюсером Фрэнком Фарианом в Германии в 1994 г., исполнял композиции в стилях европоп и евродэнс.

I am working on actually getting Mal and Hook under the moon. But for quick DragonHook purposes I grabbed the water color. That’s one of my fave drags.

Watching Hook with my baby boy making chicken enchiladas

Good point, I might look out for them on black friday. I"d probably just get one and hook it up to my echo.

Hearing my sons’ sing the hook in unison had me

Hey , why does my playbar no longer automatically switch from music to TV when the TV is turned on?