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I kinda wanna make some gifs anyone know any good apps

Thanks for reaching out. Do you happen to have any apps trying to download from the App Store?

Net Neutrality only sets up rules that prevent ISPs from dictating your access to apps and sites. They cannot implement fast/slow/hyperspeed lanes , they cannot block or deny content, and they cannot restrict any content behind paywalls, such as the cable-package like services

Despite all the high profile TV shows currently on the air, HBO and Steven Soderbergh have found a way to make Mosaic stand out in the age of binge-watching: hand over narrative control to the viewers. Billed as interactive storytelling, the 7.5-ho.

Grrrrr I can"t get any of my new apps to connect to Facebook

Even if you don’t have a game console it’s like why the hell do you need any apps for your tv? Who even watches tv!? If it’s for Netflix and movies and stuff just get whatever nice big tv and get the Apple TV to hook it up to and bam. So much cheaper.

Does anyone know any FREE apps to download FREE music on an iPhone 8? Is that a real thing???

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True but I don’t know of any place that you don’t need an intent connection to apply. Even local Govnt that takes paper apps you still need to go online to print. They don’t supply. Either way if you read the neutrality regulation it is in our best interest

Hey Jen, How are you? I"m still buzzing about your workshop! Do you know any MS Maths VR apps? exploring shapes or building 3D shapes?

You’re not getting any money

Make sure you know how to use settings on any social media apps. Vital for privacy/ protection of students and of YOU