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W hen scriptwriter Tony Warren pitched his kitchen-sink drama to Granada, who’d have thought it would still be going strong 55 years later – the world’s longest-running soap and central to ITV’s success? Half the nation watched Corrie at its peak and the cobbled streets around the Rovers Return are part of British culture.

W hen Michael Apted interviewed a group of seven-year-olds for a World in Action documentary, he couldn’t have realised that this would be the start of one of the most important social documents of the 20th and 21st centuries. Following a range of people from diverse backgrounds, we have shared their high points and their heartaches. It has been a consistently powerful and moving experience.

D efinitely the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational show in ITV history, Jim Henson’s puppet spectacular gave us unforgettable characters, such as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and The Great Gonzo. Set up as a behind-the-scenes look at the fading stars of a vaudeville revue, it worked as both sketch show and musical comedy, displaying an early grasp of humour enjoyed by adults and children alike.

I don"t know what I have to do to get attention. Our awkwardness would mesh so well together STOP GOING ON DATING SHOWS ilysm

Perasan tak how dating scene today macam a race or a contest see sapa cares more and sapa shows less. WTF.

Hilarious - shows the perils ( and joyful revenge ) of speed dating.

I can"t with that racist show. These dating shows do black men so wrong especially the bachelor franchise

That"s Hollywood for you. Alll these dumb dating shows are never about TRUE feeling but about RATINGS

Just shows how disconnected from celebrity gossip I am. My reaction was, the chick from Scary Movie was dating Starlord? Huh.

Thankful every day that I had parents who raised me to care about real life and not fabricated dating shows

I think I saw one of those home network shows that featured the later. Shit"s real comfy though. Especially if you get that pure nature.

When is MTV gonna bring back those trifling dating shows like Room Raiders, Parental Control, NEXT?

The Bachelorette Rachel & Peter Fantasy Overnight Date Ep. 11 (Finale) - Duur: 48:05.

I watch a lot of dating shows ( no shame ) I"ve seen this same woman on two different shows/networks. I hope she eventually finds love.

I love that show, and I don"t even watch reality dating shows haha

Dating definitely shows you what you don"t want and won"t compromise your beliefs for.