Topics: Dark secrets the Gosselin family tried to hide - Nicki Swift

Jon & Kate Plus 8 was an endearing look at a young couple dealing with two sets of multiples—twins followed by sextuplets. Unfortunately, like many reality TV families, Jon and Kate Gosselin had a lot of skeletons in their closets…and more come out everyday. Here are the scandals the family tried (but failed) to hide.

Before reality TV fame, Kate reportedly wanted her twin daughters to be the breadwinners in their house. Hoffman alleges that before she conceived her sextuplets, Kate often took Mady and Cara to castings in efforts to essentially turn them into the new Olsen Twins. "[Kate] tried to market the girls from the time they were born," Hoffman wrote (via  Radar Online ), noting that she had headshots taken of the little lasses, which she used in efforts to get commercial contracts. As with the rest of Hoffman's tales , Kate claimed the accusations were false.

The New York Daily News reports that Jon and Kate tried couple's therapy, but it didn't salvage their marriage, and they never even bothered to pay for it. In May 2011, a judge ordered Kate to pay $10,000 to a former counselor who sued for unpaid fees. Kate has since appealed the decision, denying that she ever had a contract with the therapist.