Topics: ‘The Arrangement’ Spoilers: Josh Henderson, Christine.

“The Arrangement” stars Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista teased what fans can expect from Season 2 of the E! series.

Nice! I’m in Bermuda!

Sick josh. Faith it will be better tomorrow

Doing pretty good. Can’t complain. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend Josh

Pretty good getting ready for my salon and day spa’s event for Veterans Day tomorrow. In the area ? feel free to stop by

In Italy it"s raining so strong!!!

Ready for the weekend!! And you?

Moving home soon. Packing. 1st own home

Good Friday to you, sir

Stood next to Josh Henderson today. I love this city

Exhausted. I think the time change is kicking my butt! Lol. Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. How are you?