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Las Palmas Grand, Arizona's. Las Palmas Grand · 2550 South Ellsworth Road, Mesa, AZ 85209 · (480) 357-5000 ·

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Iceland become the smallest nation to progress to a World Cup after beating Kosovo to win their qualifying group for Russia 2018.

Rolling coverage of Theresa May’s first interview since last week’s party conference 5.28pm BST May is asked about a story reporting that talks will not take place tomorrow because British officials are not available to get round the table. May says she believes talks were not scheduled for tomorrow. 5.27pm BST The call-in moves to Brexit.A caller from an EU member state calls about what happens to EU citizens in the case of no deal being agreed. Continue reading.

Список слов, доступный с этой страницы, содержит примерно 35000 слов с частотой большей 1 ipm (вхождений на миллион слов, instances per million words). Имеется также более короткий список из 5000 наиболее частотных русских слов. Списки используют кодировку кириллицы utf8 и упакованы утилитой WinZip (пользователи Linux или Mac могут использовать StuffIt для распаковки).

Структура списков соответствует формату лемматизированных списков из British National Corpus (BNC) , созданных Адамом Килгарифом, а именно:
порядковый номер, частота (ipm), лемма, часть речи (классификация BNC).

EU President Donald Tusk urged Catalonia s separatist leader not to take a decision that would make dialogue with Madrid impossible, just hours before a possible declaration of independence.

Ниже представлен алфавитный список стран мира с названиями на русском и официальных/государственных языках соответствующей страны.

Vice President Mike Pence leaving an NFL game early on Sunday was a costly political “stunt,” according to some Democratic lawmakers.

Government ministers have been increasingly talking of the prospect of a 'no deal' scenario in 2019, which the vast majority of economists and business leaders believe would be disastrous for the UK

A group of senior Wales players tells Chris Coleman they want him to stay on as manager after his contract ends in the summer of 2018.

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