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Obama administration guidelines for LGBT student protections under Title IX remain in place, and the student codes at Liberty and Bob Jones Universities appear to violate them.

The Trump administration last week generated plenty of headlines by withdrawing guidelines issued by the Obama administration regarding Title IX’s protections for transgender college students.

Remaining unnoticed, however, is an apparent conflict between two prominent religious universities’ takes on student sexuality and the 2014 guidelines on preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity. And that guidance was not affected by the White House action last week.

Muslim Brotherhood has close ties with US and UK governments dating back decades, used to serve their foreign policy interests.

Yeah, he"s a dumbazz, for sure. I don"t know what NTY"s policy on co-workers dating is, and he sounds like he needs to lay off booze. He"s a mess. I guess it"s just up to the company as to how much nonsense they are willing to put up with before firing someone.

I have tried time and time again to read UNIT Dating Controversy without immediately thinking Controversial United Nations HR Policy RE: Inter-Office Relationships. It can"t be done.

What is your policy on fake profiles that use Three numbers to scam women online? I believe +447480052070 is a Three Network number.

Leftists created the superheated, hyperbolic atmosphere where sex harassment becomes assault; dating, pedophilia; pre-inauguration foreign policy discussions, collusion. They"re ensnared by their own overreach.

Good policy 4 a sad time in society where a few bad apples make all men look like trouble. Not only this, but how will this affect the future dating dynamics between men and woman? Continued assault on heterosexual marriage veiled in we are protecting all women. Not all men suck