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The neighborhood is situated around Gerritsen Creek , the westernmost inlet of Jamaica Bay ; [4] the creek's path within the neighborhood was covered in 1920. [5] [6] During the last 5,000 years, strips of sand were deposited by ocean currents. These beach strips form a surf-barrier and allow salt marshes to thrive:

.Gerritsen Creek was a freshwater stream that once extended about twice as far inland as it does today. Around 1920 the creek north of Avenue U was converted into an underground storm drain. Yet it continues to supply the salt marsh with fresh water, which helps the marsh support a wide range of organisms.. [7]

The area was a hunting and fishing ground for Native Americans from the nearby village of Keshawchqueren. Pits for cooking and preparing food dating from 800 to 1400 AD were uncovered in Marine Park, along with deer and turtle bones, oyster shells, and sturgeon scales. In the 17th century, the Dutch began to settle in the area, which had similarities to the marshland and coastal plains of the Netherlands. The land proved to be fairly good farmland and there was an abundance of clams, oysters, and game from the region as well.

Nothing feels better than providing for those who have always provided for you.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don"t matter, and those who matter don"t mind.

I personally think you are amazing and wish I knew you! Those who have anything negative to say about you are just sad souls. You do you!

Ex. 1 Do the quiz in groups. Discuss the ways of finding the information you need (your Student’s Book, encyclopaedias, the Internet, magazines). Then check your answers with your teacher. Выполните викторину в группах. Обсудите способы поиска необходимой информации (ваш учебник, энциклопедии, Интернет, журналы). Затем проверьте свои ответы с преподавателем.

1. The sea explorers from the Old World called this land “terra australis”. “Terra” is the Latin for “land”, but what is the meaning of “australis”? Морские путешественники из Старого Света назвали эту землю «терра встралис». «Терра» по-латыни значит «земля», но что значит «австралис»?
a) southern южная
b) star звезда
c) different другая

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Constantly caught in between good things come to those who wait and ain"t nobody got time for that.

Полная коллекция второй части Zoo Tycoon со всеми дополнениями (4 штуки) для тех, кто мечтал обустроить свой зоопарк. Да и на фоне других тайкунов-однодневок, эта игра выглядит очень и очень качественным проектом. Достаточно взглянуть на количество режимов игры и различных бонусных фишек.

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Those who fly solo have the strongest wings : )

fly guy meets fly girl 72

Bollywood Celebs Who Hide Their Surnames For Some Epic Reasons - Duur: 2:26.

Psalms 147:11 but he ( ) takes pleasure in those who honor him, in those who trust in his constant love.

Feel like giving up sometimes but I"m gonna keep trying. Thnx 2 those who did chat tip. Conversation is 1 FYI

Welcome those into your life who add value, not those who only take. What you allow, is what will continue.

We, the non-governmental media group Mil.Press, have been publishing military-oriented online media outlets since 1998. The group includes the information agency Mil.Today (eng), the Voyennoe.RF information agency having own journalistic network (license ЭЛ No. ФС 77 - 55085), the Russia-leading online resource about naval industry , the Central Navy Portal (license ЭЛ No. ФС 77 - 39156) and dozens of theme-based websites. Monthly audience of these online outlets exceeds 600,000 unique visitors.

Мы информируем граждан России о состоянии обороноспособности страны, об успехах и недостатках в развитии вооруженных сил, о международном паритете - не нарушая при этом государственную и военную тайны.

The Late Phillip J Fry, for those who don"t know episode names, is the one where he has a date w/ Leela but the professor wants him to test

We know wild animals. They are those that live in the woods, jungles and in the fields. They are: foxes, tigers, wolves, elephants, hares and so on.

And there are animals that live near the people. They are called domestic animals. And some of them even help people. Horses, bulls, dogs help people a lot. Domestic animals are cows, cats, sheep and so on.

Good things come to those who wait. But better things come to those who work for it

Латиме́рии [1] ( лат. Latimeria ) — род семейства латимериевых ( Latimeriidae ) отряда целакантообразных (Coelacanthiformes), единственный современный род кистепёрых рыб. Одно из живых ископаемых. В настоящее время известно два вида латимерий: Latimeria chalumnae , открытая в 1938 г., обитающая у восточного и южного побережья Африки, и Latimeria menadoensis , открытая и описанная в 1997—1999 гг. возле острова Сулавеси в Индонезии [2] [3] .

Генетические исследования показали, что латимерии более близкородственны четвероногим (Tetrapoda), чем лучепёрым рыбам [9] [10] [11] .