Topics: True/False, woman have more of a tendency of being on good behaviour if with a rich man?

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Week 1 Millionaire maker is over! BOOM!!! Lots of good stuff to come this season!

Wage. Arron Banks who ran Leave EU Official is a multi millionaire off shore diamond mine owner. These people ARE the elite

How can it be a Peoples March when the EU is for by Big Business, Corrupt Politicians Millionaire Elite?

1. Millionaire, 2. Wall Street, 3. Hollywood money, 4. Harvard. He"s not elite? Ok so what is?

Would you stop it with the elites talk? How elite is a 60 yr old making 65000 a yr compared to a millionaire on right?

Any plan you have will continue to drive business overseas, destroy middle class promote elite millionaire democrats. Please stop lying

Love how Bannon talks about the elite but he"s a multi-millionaire as his former boss.

I suppose you"re right Bob, if your only source of information is the opinion of an elite, privileged, white millionaire criminal.

Until 2030, 2030, before we reach today"s living standards. Fuck that! Of course, he is a multi millionaire like rest of Brexit Elite twats.