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Just entering the month of love however it appears as though the leading actresses of Mochit are lining up to welcome Valentines Day with “Failed Love.”  Whether it be “Min...

Gossip is going around the entertainment circle about the problematic and fussy ways of sexy leading actress “Min Pechaya” after her explosive hotness entice handsome men, pra’ek degree courting her...

It was just a few days ago that actress “Min Pechaya” just graduated and there were gossips that she was hurt “Porshe Saran” didn’t show up to congratulate her. Seeing Porshe at the blessing...

Howard and Cohen. MIN D is tough and CHI prob playing from behind. See a lot of dump off by the rookie.

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Very Heavy delays on I-90 EB between the Hwy 30 Exit and the Beltline. Plan on 15-20 min extra.

Workout over. Trainers with Donatell and Ryan Pace. We"ll see what happens when inactives announced 90 min prior to kickoff.

5 min to get on the $18 Late P4 play then its gone forever, don"t lose out! $2 gets it and all picks at site

Train 217 ( 5:35pm from N Station ) is operating 5-15 min behind schedule between Malden Center and Haverhill

I am turning my notifications back on only for idol group accounts and min I will be the most loyal minhoe now

Honestly, sometimes people in this community behave like children. Most of you have been out of high school for years already, ffs.