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Montreal Limousine provides trained and professional chauffeured luxury transportation and concierge services. We are safe, reliable, consistent, and responsive to the needs of every client. [ Read More. ]

People create our success. We and our service providers are an empowered team. We are prepared, punctual, fun, energetic, compassionate, and discreet. We are well groomed and properly attired. We honor integrity in all matters.

Fall is the time of year when many formal activities are being planned. From weddings to parties to dances and proms to, it seems there is no limit to the different types of formals going on in Montreal at any given time.

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Heading to Montreal today, but I learned over the last week that apparently none of my coworkers or friends are a fan of my saying “I’m gonna drown myself in poutine”

Michel Forget Описание: Nadine, 18, whose mother remarried, hates her stepfather and, because of him, hates herself and men and love. She goes from meeting to.

You see them on the big screen, on billboards, and on magazine covers. Hollywood s leading men (well, most of them) and top athletes have one thing in common: They have their fitness in line. [RELATED1] Washboard abs are practically a requirement to snag major roles, not to mention the public s attention. You may not care to look at them, but it wouldn t be so bad to look like them. How do male celebrities manage to stay in such great shape? Their diet go-tos might surprise you. But be aware: no wacky shakes or quirky supplements will be found here.   Healthy food

Best of luck to all of the teams heading to championship games today at nationals! Cape Breton will take on Montreal on both the men"s and women"s brackets. Trinity takes on Western for the Women"s Bronze match. The host Thompson Rivers face UBC for the men"s bronze.

Just something inherently creepy about bearded men walking round, sucking on a pipe and smelling like a sweet shop

JUST IN: Women fall 1-0 to Montreal in final. Men lead 1-0 at halftime.

Wow both Men"s Women"s gold medal games in national soccer championships are vs

In Season 3, Episode 9, “The Doldrums," Claire and Jamie realize a superstitious, seafaring life isn’t for them and Fergus comes into his own.

It"s purely degrading to women and men. Being respectful is so easy to do.