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Why is the Internet viewed - Duur: 1:20.

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Why is the Internet viewed - Duur: 1:20.

Perks of dating me: I laugh at my own jokes so you don"t need to.

Dating situation: cat has his own designated side of the bed. I’m crushing it.

Was it a white person? They probably dating their own sibling and think incest is normal.

Is he the 1st prez in USA history to be married to a porn star and talks about dating his own daughter?

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Its nearly impossible dating a woman who doesnt her own place u have yo own place. They be ready to move n at hello

Each person has his/her own sexual feelings and behaviour, which may constantly change over time.

Dating someone successful doesn"t make you sucessefull. Success isn"t sexually transmitted. Find your own.

Your prez even talks about dating his own daughter. Have u seen the pics of him groping her in public? No class. No shame. Sad.