Topics: Do I have a schizoid personality?

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I complain about how much school work I have to do, and how I have no social life; but here I am willingly doing homework on a Saturday night.

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Which is weird, because there"s nothing else to do more social nerd things in my week.

Ha, I"m just a social media nerd, your the one doing a stream for charity

It depends on the social mask, they masquerade under what society deems good where people with evil intentions go into. Believe me, it isn"t restricted to Religion or military, it"s a world domination mentality, and it"s something you may never notice until it"s too late.

I try treating people online with respect, no matter what social media I am on but there those who hate me and disrespect me and make me me angry because they don"t know me at all, they never stepped in my shoes!

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