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Historic Flight: Me 262, Spitfire, P51 Formation Flying (Part 2) - Duur: 0:56.

Another reason to increase in. We don"t need another dating app, we need apps to prevent.

Haven"t heard that rumour, heard he was dating a ginger girl that lives in Brighton

Did you know? Sake is the oldest known spirit in the world, dating all the way back to 4800 BC!

With iPhone X, online dating will become harder as everyone"s posted selfies will be highly edited in ways that look natural

I discovered today that I"m actually dating my mom after my girlfriend complained about my driving in the exact same way my mom does.

[Youngstown Vindicator] OHIO - GM continues to impair its Lordstown complex   “Even the most optimistic Mahoning Valley resident must feel some trepidation over the future of General Motors’ Lordstown assembly complex given last week’s announcement of another downturn.. Demand for the Chevrolet Cruze remains soft. Thus, production of the Cruze has been halted this week, and will be stopped the weeks of Sept. 25 and Oct. 2.”Read the full article: 

Dating anyone deep in the hardcore scene is gonna be a no for me.

I don"t see the problem in two Jews dating. How does that make Baked Alaska a race traitor? Unbelievable.