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@gp808: Preach! I love how this person is so honest about his gf. I think she the one for him.

We’re in fact so amicable that we’re still housemates. It’s best for the girls and cheaper for us, and there’s no need to fall out. We legally agreed a separation date and that’ll be the basis of our 2 years til divorce.

Создание группы облегчалось тем, что её участники к этому моменту уже были знакомы друг с другом по нескольку лет. Первоначально новый коллектив планировалось назвать ABBA Kids, что вызвало категорический протест его участников — по их мнению, название звучало «как зубная паста для детей» [1] . В результате продюсеры остановились на названии ABBA Teens.

But when the four chosen youngsters went into the recording studio, it became apparent that they - again just like the Monkees - were much better than anyone could have dreamed. .

I probably got one relationship left in me so I’m gone wait a couple years til I try for love again. In all honesty I’m not chasing shit bitches gone have to chase me

2 years ago I’d get home at like 8am now I can’t even last til 5 home

Kali Rose prepares their dinner but her bf is so horny and cant wait for her to finish. He keeps teasing her until she gives in and fucks.

About 12 years here, honestly didn"t really care to much til last year or so

To think I used to vote for these demented feckers til 2 years ago! How swiftly this country and politics have changed.

Two of my past cats over the years used to like crunchy cheese doodles. One used to eat it outright and the other would lick the cheese off a piece "til bare.

Yes Mitro has let Rafa down and maybe not greatest in training but that can be said for numerous players over years, just use him til jan n get few goals out him til then, players haven’t got confidence in Joselu

Fr i was wildin tonight, I’m sober now and never drinking again til New Years

And wait til you see what God has lined up in a few years" time!

How many years til I’m a cat daddy?