Topics: Am I dating too often?

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Well here goes nothing. I signed up and joined a wretched dating site. A girlfriend of mine recommended it to me and I couldn’t deny that she had a valid point. Stats now show that couples find their significant other first through mutual friends and secondly from a dating site. I have been painfully waiting […]

I'm Picky and all the girls I drive them crazy I drive them crazy cos I'm sexy They call me sexy cos I'm hot, catch my knot Don't you know I am so hot cos I am picky.

Perks of dating me: I am funny sometimes hehe

Then I think about how she"s gonna be like you shouldn"t be dating in the first place

So I got fit, although not ripped because at the time I still had not quite figured out how diet worked, so just ate pasta all the time as I thought low fat was the key to loosing weight.

So then, while I was at university, I tried plenty of fish.

When you started discussing pasta and then went on to talking about plenty of fish I actually thought you had gone on a tangent about your diet. I lol'd.

I enjoy Celebs Go Dating a ridiculous amount and I"m not ashamed to admit it.

Ugh, I feel so grieving. Time for some online dating, amirite?

Maybe in the USA, not here. It"s a university policy, but I"ve never in my life seen a prof go to JAIL for dating a student.

I"m the best at fucking things up when it comes to dating. Go me!