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Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal "have recently split up," E! News confirmed Thursday. Luckily, there's no bad blood between the exes. "They remain in.

Break up hair reffering to MelB "s new hair do

Stephen Colbert is challenging celebrities to post awkward pre-teen pictures of themselves on Twitter using the hashtag #Puberme. For every photo shared, he's donating $1,000 to Puerto Rico, and Nick Kroll agreed to match that. Read more. More about Celebrities , Mashable Video , Funding , Celebs , and Money

When you finally get over a bad break up

Y’all haven’t been dating for 4 years!!!!! Holy shit we all saw you break up mad times then together w diff ppl

That cheating shit is dead just break up with the bitch if yall ain"t on the same page.

Rena might break up with me because I don’t have money.