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STUTTGART, Ark. - An electronic ping leads police to bust a theft ring. Someone staying at a hotel in Conway had an electronic device stolen from their car. They reported it to police and it pinged to a house in Stuttgart. Stuttgart PD went to that house and couldn t believe what they found.

There is literally a stack of laptop computers. There s a bag of cell phone stuff, Stuttgart Police Det. Lt. Mark Duke said.

There s a whole bag of nothing but cords and chargers, Duke said. There s digital cameras and 35 millimeter cameras.

Kimberley Fritts, the CEO of the Podesta Group, resigned Thursday afternoon about a week after Tony Podesta stepped down from the lobbying powerhouse he founded. Sources tell True Pundit the firm has lost numerous clients and millions in billables since U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller started snooping around the firm’s links to Paul Manafort who […]

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Looking forward to a lesson in how not to be an investigative journalist. Should be educational.

Used bookstores are still my go-to. I"ve made some pretty amazing discoveries. Whether it"s something I"m looking for or not, I always at least find a couple.

This pic brings me so much joy and encapsulates my journey of the last few years. framing up a shot on with that Frankenstein-looking close-focus C-Series anamorphic 50mm that we used so often.

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Tipu Jayanti celebrations in Mandya and Ramanagaram districts passed off peacefully on Friday amid unprecedented security arrangements.Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore, was lauded at a function organi.

По сведениям МК , в минувший понедельник следственной частью следственного управления МВД РФ по Бурятии возбуждено уголовное дело в отношении одного из руководителей фирмы «Зодчий» Евгении Убодоевой. Ее подозревают в растрате вверенного имущества в особо крупном размере

В правоохранительных органах отметили, что ООО «Зодчий» является застройщиком жилого комплекса по улице Ключевской в Улан-Удэ. А работы производились преимущественно за счет средств, полученных по договорам долевого участия – то есть, от дольщиков, которые не раз заявляли в СМИ, что были обмануты застройщиком.

Sounds like a good time. Already know what car you"re looking for?

Looking to see if the oldies can show the new ones a thing or two. Smad Place in the Hennessy 20/1 and Cue Card in the Betfair

The idea that during those 19 days Trump was no doubt looking for a way to exonerate Flynn is revolting.

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