Topics: Is it true that Haley from Paramore is dating someone from New Found Glory?

The Paramore frontwoman and the New Found Glory rocker announced the news via Instagram on Saturday with a heartfelt note to fans.

Glory Days? I don"t know her!

My dancing shoes are ON. Why, you ask? Paramore and New Found Glory! Nashville!! SCREAM!!

Seeking information on a Mr. Moulton who died about 1840 leaving 2 small sons. Probable location is North Carolina, Georgia or Tennessee. His wife remarried to a Hogan who gave the children his name.

Группа Paramore была создана во Франклине, штат Теннесси в 2004 году Хейли Уильямс (вокал.

Hi Kim, my great grandfather was also Allen Earl Reed, son of Lillian and William Reed. Allen was married to my great grandmother, before marrying your grandmother. I am also researching this side of the family. I would be willing to share if I come across any information that will help you.

The only way I’ll get a ticket is if that headliner is like new found glory or paramore or something but idk if they’ll release that info before they sell out haha

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