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GLEE is a musical comedy about a group of ambitious and talented young adults in search of strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice. Over six years the series has followed a dynamic group of high school students from the halls of McKinley to the mean streets of New York City, as they embarked on life after high school.

Forget abou it. She looks like a five year old. Still, maybe with a little bit of makeup.

I have all these great things in my life and it already feels like too much.

You are giving up one of the Cheerios" six pages and you are giving it to the Glee Club free of charge.

Quinn Fabray ( S2x12 Silly Love Songs より )

I would like to see "s Doctor"s Life Follow similar To The Character Quinn Fabray from Glee. That"s Just My Opinion

I need to finish bates motel and go back to grey"s anatomy but I also want to rewatch glee ) : I miss quinn

Status is like currency. When your bank account is full you can get away with doing just about anything.

sa dating sites free 8x10

Don"t you dare mention the ""C"" word.

People think you"re gay now, Finn. And you know what that makes me? You big gay beard.