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[HQ] Crazy Frog - Popcorn - Best Piano tutorial ( Synthesia ) Piano Hero.. Crazy Frog - Popcorn - Best Piano tutorial ( Synthesia ) YouTube;

The idea of good singing has gone from Céline-style belting to Selena-esque hushed tones. We explore the muted sounds of the mainstream Singing. It’s nice to listen to, isn’t it? But since modern TV talent shows shrieked their way into view at the turn of the millennium, the message to audiences has been clear: if your vocal runs won’t make Nicole Scherzinger punch the air, or if your ability to sing eight notes where one would suffice can’t prompt a wink of approval from Simon Cowell, your journey ends here. Related: Selena Gomez’s Bad Liar: a hypnotic banger of a track Continue reading.

[comes to crying, my hands on my face and eyes]

complimenti per l'idea! pagare per andare in tendenza può sembrare stupido, ma intanto ha portato me e sicuramente altre persone a questo video. idea intelligente anche per me che faccio musica :)

  • Someone X День назад +1

    Jero Official wow, bella opportunità! E pure per me, che sono un produttore di musica, sarebbe comodo ;)

  • It is indeed bonkers but I bet I’d accept the crazy sponsors if I was in charge of a team. “You want to give me millions to put the ford logo on my football ground?” “Well god damn it’ll be up tomorrow”

    The food is getting eaten, but the shopping is not happening! Y"all are crazy today!

    Absolutely crazy bias

    Sorry I"ve gone too crazy

    [puts hands in the air]

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