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What Your Fantasies Are Telling You? | BHL's Dating, Mating, Communicating - Duur: 54:20.

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What Your Fantasies Are Telling You? | BHL's Dating, Mating, Communicating - Duur: 54:20.

I"m sitting here realizing I don"t talk to a lot of my friends that I talked to on a daily 3 months ago. Don"t sit here and cry about it!

В период с 25 декабря по 15 февраля будет проходить акция по розыгрышу 1 миллиона долларов,
что стать кандидатом на получение данной суммы игрокам необходимо сделать на период
с 25 декабря 2016 года по 10 февраля 2017 года ставки в любой из игр не менее 2000 долларов,
а победитель будет определен 16 февраля.
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Недвижимость на Лазурном берегу Франции и в Монако.
Виллы и апартаменты в аренду и на продажу.
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If you are not insecure about your manhood then you will be after watching this horse mating video. Horses are magnificent creatures in everyway including the way these great beasts have sex. The poor farm hands in this video have to arouse this horse until what appears to be the arm of an average teenager pops out. Next these guys have to quickly make their way under the horse and try to catch the fruit of their labor in a long, leather tube. Talk about a sticky situation! I wouldn’t want to be in the horse mating business.

I just read the thread about how bts copied exo anD I AM FUMING. I AM SO PISSED. THIS WHOLE THING IS RIDICULOUS

Ready for Christmas? As you look forward to tucking into your Christmas dinner, spare a thought for our feathered friends out in the garden, foraging for whatever scraps they can find. Treat them to their own Christmas dinner with this easy to make bird feeder. With thanks to our friends over at the Sainsbury’s Money Matters team.

Oh no someone just came back into my life and idk what to do about that

Well, we will talk about it then, sir.

Never give up. Look forward to the future, and don’t give a damn about haters - Hyunseung BEAST

If you're a big fan of The Mating Grounds, the best place for you to go is The Art Of Charm and listen to Jordan's archived podcast episodes. 

Hey Everyone! How is everyones summer going?? Im sure you are all very excited for the highly anticipated Darkness! The release date is September 23rd!! That is less than a month away!
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Nothing prompted this btw I"m just thinking about Jetman at 4:30am and I love Jetman that"s all

Trump Responds To Baseball Shooting - Duur: 4:10.

I really miss those days where she and I would spend hours on end just talking and rping all at the same time. Talking about literally-

I think about sleep throughout the whole day and be disappointed at night

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Mitsu doesn"t even have a official voicebank and master already created a voicebank! I heard her talking about making a voicebank for me.

My family traveled and never call me yet , i guess they forgot all about me !!!