Topics: 100% Free Dating / Hookup Sites - 27 Sites that Will Never.

We know how frustrating it can be for someone who’s looking for a free dating site. It seems like almost every dating or hookup site has the words 100% free plastered all over their homepage. You sign up only to realize that it’s going to cost you a few bucks if you want to actually use all their features. If you can’t contact other members, there’s really no way of actually hooking up with anyone.

We’ve simplified the task for you and compiled a list of twenty-seven 100% free hookup sites. They’re free to sign up to, free to contact other members and allow you full access to all their features. We’ve done our absolute best to provide you with an accurate list of free dating sites. There may be a handful of sites on our list that will have paid upgrades but they won’t limit your capacities in any way. If any of these sites decide to change their platform and start charging, do let us know and we’ll remove and replace them in a timely manner.

The order in which these appear is in no way a ranking of the best free dating or hookup sites. Be advised that using a free dating site has its disadvantages. Spam, fake profiles, scammers, and pretenders are abundant. Always use common sense when interacting with another member for the first time. Do your own due diligence and stay safe. For a list of premium paid sites that are geared towards easy adult hookups, check out our post titled Best Online Hookup Sites for 2017

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