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Billy Comments On Casey's Dress | Season 1 Ep. 6 | LOVE CONNECTION - Duur: 1:02.

In clear agony and discomfort, a man being detained in handcuffs by San Diego cops while simultaneously being bitten by a canine relentlessly screamed, “uncomfortable! uncomfortable” Facebook user, Angel Nunez , posted the video on his account and it’s gone …

Also: suspecting a friend’s teenage son is gay; worrying about a chance meeting; and making conversation with an elderly neighbor.

A summer series presented by Miriam O'Callaghan in which she talks to partners who are connected through love, life or family ties.

And how to violate women leaders by commenting on their physical appearances directly to them in front of your spouse !

Heres an idea - let people decide about her/his own life. Women don"t need your advice either way - let them do whatever they choose to do.

1/Aus did not invade Afghanistan to free women, but to fight terrorism 2/anyone who takes their advice from HbT is not progressive.

Look here Relationship Advice for Dating and Marriage to Younger Women and Men AARP

Billy Comments On Casey's Dress | Season 1 Ep. 6 | LOVE CONNECTION - Duur: 1:02.

Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings - Cheris Kramarae

I got the best and realest advice from these women I wouldn"t have expected to get that type of advice from

Mail Order Bride 11 - Duur: 9:51.

The second women find out you"re pregnant/ have a baby they can"t help but give you a ton of advice you didn"t want, need, or ask for

Six tourists have been wounded by a man with a knife in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada, according to Egypt's Interior Ministry. The ministry said the assailant was arrested immediately after the stabbings on Friday. It said the initial investigation showed the man got into a hotel by swimming from a nearby beach and attacked the tourists, of various nationalities. The motive for the attack is not known. The ministry said the tourists were rushed to a local hospital. It gave no further details and did not provide the nationalities of the victims.

A homeless beggar roaming the streets of Gżira was today fined €58 for asking for alms in public. Romanian-born Nicolae Dragomir, 44, who is physically disabled, was arrested after the police received reports that he was annoying pedestrians with his pleas for charity. Assisted by a legal aid lawyer, the man admitted to his wrongdoing and was fined €58. Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia was legal aid.