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This is appropriate for dating

So serious question: I hate dating apps, so where in the world do you actually meet guys?

Just the thought of dating someone or sharing something that"s mine irritates me. I was never like that but I guess I grew some thick skin realise I only give what I have to my my family that makes me happy. Man I"m just tweeting my thoughts bc im mind blown at myself rn lol

The concept of dating someone again just sounds so trash rn lol

Yeah and also like someone said guys I know dating sims with fucked up bad ends is a Thing rn but we don"t actually need to do this and it"s better if we don"t

Like wtf are they dating what the hell is this 31 year old man doing rn I am so fucking confused and a little angry

Can I just change my online dating profile to say I want a Toby who will be on my team no matter what?

What are the good dating sites/applications rn