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Great. Let"s chase the salacious stories like a puppy chasing its tail but ignore the that will destroy , , and the. Little more than a gossip show.

I have 7 hours before I have to leave for a work trip and I have so much to do and no motivation because the couch is so comfy and Gossip Girl is playing on the TV!

And usually people who gossip have nothing else to offer besides talking about other people. Boring ass personalities. And it just spreads major negative energy. Keep it away

No one is about to argue with a nicki stan that says 90% of Rih’s album are filled. That statement is completely false and just based off bias and being bitter. Would you argue with someone who says 2+2=5? girl bye

It"s weird being a person who minds his own business. Folks try to gossip with me about people I don"t even know and I"m like who fucking cares? Plus gossips always talk about the people they gossip with so I just don"t.