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Meet Zelda! She is looking for a new home with someone who would enjoy a great and active companion. A born entertainer, she has lots of energy, and is not a sleep-all-day lay-about cat. While she likes affection on her own terms, she will lay on your lap and sleep with you, greet you at the door, and essentially be a great companion as your adored one and only! View All Adoptable Pets

The Potter League offers a variety of obedience and training classes as well as playgroups. There's nothing better than a well trained dog!

The Potter League for Animals cordially invites you to Yappy Hour 2017 to benefit Homeless Animals. Yappy Hour is an open air cocktail party with limited seating. Join us for cocktails, passed hors d'oeuvres, dessert bar, and live music at Beacon Rock Mansion in Newport, RI on July 16th from 5 until 7 in the evening. Buy Tickets Now !

What do you call someone who unleashes terror like this on people and in a peaceful city like London? He should be treated as such.

It"s probably one of the only things I REALLY miss about being in RI. Dem some good beaches.

"So the President believes that the PM can control the British media" Easier for hens to grow teeth

I can"t understand the workings in this guy"s head. Something obviously ticks in that head of his.

His rather desperate attempt to absolve himself is just pathetic and disgraceful. Well said

"Do you want to be a train driver?" On A million pound question

Why are you guys tormenting the son of man? It"s not fair.

I do not disagree with everything said in 2013 about KH.

The bloke himself is a Hoax; one of the very few posh words in his limited vocabulary. Whose eyes is he trying to pull the wool over?

Should this be attributed to the advent of social media too?