Topics: Do you think dating more than one person is okay? (for both men and women)?

The best dating profiles are a mixture of depth and humor. They captivate the reader’s attention and compel them to want to know more. Writing your own profile, however, can be very difficult. Even the best writers hire professionals to write their bios for them.

I have a simple, foolproof process for writing profiles that starts with a casual interview, in person or on the phone. Then, I write your profile using your own words and phrases, exactly the way you said them. My clients are blown away by how the end result sounds exactly like them! Even better are the compliments they receive: " Yours was the most unique profile I have ever read!" "Your dating profile was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!" "I loved your profile and just have to meet you!" Here are some excerpts from among the hundreds of profiles I've written for my clients:

"I act like a total dork most of the times. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m 41 and a lawyer. I can’t read a map. I can’t even read a GPS. I mean I can read them but it ended up taking me 4 hours to drive from Portland, Oregon to Salem, Oregon because I had the GPS on pedestrian mode. I can be in a room and in no time I will make a mess. I forget things mid senten." - Woman 40’s

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Today, on National Peacekeepers Day, we recognize the significant service and sacrifices of all Canadian peacekeepers. Since 1989, Canadian police have deployed to some of the world s most challenging places in the service of peace, and play an increasingly important role in peacekeeping, stabilization and reconstruction missions.

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