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Annie & Hayden Have to Kiss in their New Show 'Chicken Girls' | Bratatoe LeBlancs | - Duur: 0:23.

Annie & Hayden Have to Kiss in their New Show 'Chicken Girls' | Bratatoe LeBlancs | - Duur: 0:23.

A spokesman for President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, says FBI agents executed a search warrant at one of his homes.

Seven Twitter users who have been blocked by the President of the United States are calling on a judge to restore their access to his account.

Saw this, then got. They are straight up stalking Chelsea, but need to occlude their own tweets. Fair.

What i"m trying to say is, stop yapping about wanting her back or whining about wanting to see them together, its their own business damned it

I always ask myself this question also. I also picture how afraid they were in their last minutes. What a way to die

Wait, why did FaceApp add blackface to their filter options?

Then why argue with ppl who clearly don"t wanna be educated, but just wanna shit on you in front of their peers to make an example outta ya?

Elijah is a contemplative who has the eyes to see and the ears to listen. God does not appear in the glory of the world. Rather, he appears in a silent way. Weed out of your heart all of those fears and desires that prevent you from discerning the silent presence of God.

Dream Daddy - Part 04 - Robert is NOT Okay! - Duur: 16:42.

Over half of people surveyed don’t know how to check if their Wi-Fi network is secure. Are you in the majority?

Here’s your weekly open thread, now operating under the rubric of Reasonable Discussions, as suggested by a few commenters. Thank you for making our site’s community vibrant, intelligent, and fun!

Reverbnation is everything, but their layout is trash and nobody wants to deal with it.

Glen Campbell s final live performance is a testament to his enduring monumental talent, but it s also a stark reminder of the power Alzheimer s disease has to take away everything that a person holds dear. Continue reading…