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The cost to hook up a sewer. Find out what it's going to cost to have a sewer hooked up as well as what you should pay for it.

Adecent view of he drain field and the septic tan prior to the top being put on and covered. Ingredients, rebar, cinder block, concrete, sand gravel and boulders.

A few months ago, the city instituted a program where they would extend sewer and pay 75% of installation cost should 50-plus-percent of the neighborhood sign a petition. Tonight, they"re voting on two of them.

Borrowing money for sewer expansion could cost $1.5 in interest

The stress on the sewer system, electricity needs of possibly meaning the cost of ratepayers of national grid to build another undersea cable to supply additional electricity during summer months from the mainland. The strain on the island"s water supply, schools, ect

I know it does say they are, and yes they will flush, but they are actually terrible for city sewer systems ( cost alot more tax $ ) for maintenance, clogs, etc. And if you have septic tank I wouldn"t even consider it.

Farm owner Brian Graveley comes out against making land owners pay majority of cost for the sewer expsnsion. Says owners should only pay when they connect to system

The city of Walnut Ridge hasn"t updated their Sewer Treatment Plant in over 20 years. Now they are facing a project that could cost 5 million dollars.