Topics: If a girl does not send a thank you text message after first date?

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I really appreciate when a guy is just being honest with you

Yeah, I can see how you trying to direct me to a political based organization founded by dupont, a steel company, quaker oats and Sears among other corporations proves this is good for the little guy and small business. I work in this arena, I understand what"s going on.

Сара Луиза Пэйлин ( англ. Sarah Louise Palin , имя при рождении Сара Луиза Хит , англ. Sarah Louise Heath ; 11 февраля 1964 , Сэндпойнт , Айдахо , США ) — губернатор штата Аляска с 2006 по 2009 год. Член Республиканской партии.

29 августа 2008 года Джон Маккейн , кандидат от республиканцев на президентских выборах 2008 года , объявил её кандидатом в вице-президенты США.

So i have this annoying guy who works in my school and he calls me his best friend everyday and like he doesn"t even help me with anything, gimme some money and I"ll be ur best friend

A guy at the bus stop tried to move me and I literally just went “look I have a girlfriend mate soz” and put my headphones back in

The guy you bumped into in Old Tucson was Sam Elliot! I swear, I looked him up and he sounds EXACTLY like the guy we met!

My Boss said You like suck"n cock, yea? Do ya.

The more i look at this guy , the more he looks like rafael solano

Sigh.I know business has been bad the past couple of months.But let"s not get greedy with prices.My graphics guy has decided to inflate his prices 1000%. Sasa nani atakupea biashara at such rates?

Hate when people call me mid replying to a message, cos when the phone call ends and I forget to reply I"M the bad guy

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I didn’t hear half of what the guy said anyway, I just clapped when I saw others clapping.