Topics: do we need a passport do get into cuba,leaving from canada?

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A University of Georgia professor is allowing students to choose their own grades to relieve their stress. "If you feel unduly stressed by a grade," Dr. Richard Watson writes in the syllabus for his business course, "email the instructor with what grade you think is appropriate and it will be so changed." Any student who does not like "the group dynamics" of a meeting, Watson said, may get up and leave.

I can help. FoM of ppl enables a single mkt of services, not bananas. You can"t have a fair, open SM in services w/out FoM. Is that clearer?

A missing link in Bangkok’s metro network was bridged on August 11, when Thailand’s prime minister Mr Prayut Chan-o-cha inaugurated the 1.2km extension of the Blue Line from Bang Sue to an interchange with the Purple Line at Tao Poon.

What Movie Did Cuba Gooding Jr Won An Oscar For? - Duur: 0:46.

There is no Single Market in services

We"ve been a member of the single market for decades and we still can"t supply financial services across the EU!

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It"s very weird and bad that so much of life is happening on services offered at-will by single companies like Google, Twitter or Facebook.

—свидетельство Брюса Лолора, сотрудника ЦРУ , работавшего в Южном Вьетнаме 5 декабря 1967.

Altona Loop bypasses are due to the single track. Back then, so few services it wouldn"t have caused problems. ( This timetable is from 1939 )