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Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas premiered with double episodes in Australia on 9 May 2015 on Arena. [15] and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars began on 27 June, 2015 on the same channel. [16] In the UK , Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premiered in May 2016 on ITVBe , while the Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas (title changed to Bridezillas: The Boot Camp ) will start airing on 18 June 2016 on the same channel.

Yeah, I just recall it being a different line in the sub. Basically the Japanese version kept Goku naive about marriage, while the dub version made him more aware of his feelings for Chichi. Honestly it"s a moot issue since we had Goku try to whore out Videl in DBZKai 2 eps ago

3 eps in to and my views on marriage are as follows

Burns awards Homer tells Moe the first appearance ) who didn"t even remember to try a marriage counseling

Last night at a dive bar Sean and I drunkenly struck up a deal that I’d watch 3 eps of Peepshow ( which I don’t really care for ) if he watched 3 eps of It’s Always Sunny ( which he doesn’t care for ) because marriage is about compromise

Rachel leaves Tony at the alter and moves in with Rachel. Ross goes on a date with Al Pacino. Joey is sad about their failed marriage.

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As a bonus this cake works for up to a 7-way marriage