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Keywords: Transport and energy, Material Flows, Participatory democracy, Cost Benefit Analysis, Multi Criteria Evaluation, High speed, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), activist knowledge

The Susa Valley, between the French area of Maurienne and Turin in Italy, is a highly urbanized area. Divided between the Lower and Upper Valleys, the Lower Valley has 66 162 inhabitants with a population density of 468 per km2 (ISTAT, 2001). Since World War II its economy has shifted from agriculture to industry, mainly steel, services and trade. The Upper Valley has 12 909 inhabitants with 579 persons per km2 (ISTAT, 2001). Its economy is based on tourism, as well as on more traditional activities such as dairy production and livestock grazing. (Leonardi, 2007)

The NIMBY Syndrome (Not In My Back Yard) is a label often applied to discredit valid local opposition to projects that could have negative externalities on the environment in a territory. Such projects could be for example incinerators, quarries, and industrial, mobility, or energy infrastructures. The use of the concept implies the necessity of such projects’ regardless of citizens’ opposition to their implementation in their own territory, or “backyard”.

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