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If you asked me if I would leave Toronto the same speed as I did earlier this year, I would say yes, absolutely. Sometimes you just know that you"re done with the city and that you need to leave in order to grow.

Game has changed to speed and finesse. Someone tell Neely and Co. I’m very frustrated with this team Toronto miles ahead in rebuilding phase.

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Toronto thinks pushing 26, 000 daily cars onto another congested road will speed things up

Toronto"s speed bumps are an affront to my hangover.

Hîgh speed rail has been a matter of discussion for 55+ years. In less than 10 years China has built over 22000 km of hi speed rail. Imagine downtown Montreal to downtown Toronto in under 2 hours - much faster than flying and greener.

Twenty years ago a constant police radar unit controlled speed on the Viaduct throughout inner Toronto. Enforcement has stopped. Pedestrians are dying.

Jarvis to Bathurst in under 11 mins. Toronto hasn"t seen speed like that since Cool Runnings.

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Theyre a mess. Not only the D. They dont have any speed at forward. Watch toronto some night. Fast