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Known for their generosity, hospitality, unusual accent, and penchant for the larger-than-life, Texans are wonderful people to meet, and the variety of cultural experiences, from feasting on bratwurst with the Germans of the Hill Country to watching Flamenco dancers with the Tejanos of the Rio Grande valley, is seemingly unlimited.

The large size of the state should not be underestimated. Texas measures over 267,000 square miles (695,673 sq. km) in area, making it slightly larger than France. Having a car is essential for travel between cities, and within most. The traveler should factor on long driving times between cities and destinations.

Texas is bordered by the U.S. states of New Mexico , Oklahoma , Arkansas , Louisiana , and the Mexican states of Tamaulipas , Nuevo León , Coahuila , and Chihuahua.

Indeed. I can see your point there. I just think making a senator resign could really speed up the unraveling

I forget I’m in lame ass monahans I have to drive speed limit not 30 over like in odessa lmao