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Sheffield [18] is a city in Yorkshire in the north of England. With a population of 551,800, it is one of the United Kingdom 's and Europe 's biggest cities. Around 1.75 million people live in the wider metropolitan area, ( South Yorkshire ), which includes Rotherham , Barnsley , and Doncaster.

The most geographically varied city in England, Sheffield is a major industrial, cosmopolitan and cultural centre renowned for its green open spaces, creative talents, galleries, sport facilities and cutlery. Unlike many other cities its size in the United Kingdom, Sheffield has a very large amount of public greenery, with trees outnumbering the human population approximately three-to-one. As well as the extensive urbanisation, one third of the city's territory is rural national park land.

The city centre lies where these rivers and valleys meet. The city has expanded out along the valleys and over the hills between, creating leafy neighbourhoods and suburbs within easy reach of the city centre. Each valley that stretches out from the city centre has its own character, from the densely industrial Don Valley to the north-east, to the green and cosmopolitan residential streets around the Ecclesall Road on the Porter Valley in the south-west.

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