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She has been called Agnes over the years and appears around midnight (maybe 12:30) to walk across the surface of Black Lake. She also has been seen over on nearby Highway 1 around the same time, occasionally scaring drivers and causing accidents.

  • Luke Facchin of Arroyo Grande, California on 2016-09-04 said:

      I live at the end of calender. The trail to the swamp bog is in my front yard. Anthropologists have found evidence of human inhabitants dating 5000 years. The white lady is one legend that gets confused with other legends the made bog white lady is not so back compaired to the many other demons. this mesa is crawling with spirit people

  • Ron M of pelzer sc, sc on 2016-03-03 said:

      I lived in AG for 20 years back in 62 or 3 i was out on a date with a Girl and we were parked of callender rd by the swamp whin she started to scream i looked out and there was a huge form much bigger than a bear.we went back the next day and could not fine any trace '''