Topics: Hes finding dating site profiles I HAVEN'T made?? HELP!!!!?

Stolen profile Page 1 of 1 : I had an interesting week. Someone accessed my profile, changed my password and then all my info/critiria. How? First my windows live ID.

Fake profile using stolen photos of Sgt Jordan

free dating sites over 40 x 8

I see fake profiles with stolen pictures almost every single day on here. She says that this is really her. Can it be proven otherwise?

You do realize that your photos are the most stolen on the internet. There are literally hundreds of profiles using them on Facebook.

All these new accounts with fascinating profiles and stolen photos crying “he’s not even a Democrat!!!1”

“If you’re a sexy girl expect to have your pics stolen for fake profiles and porn ads” something i actually overheard today. Rofl what the fuck

Huge privacy risk to have your passwords in a book. If stolen, criminals have access to your online profiles and can cause untold damages

Y’all ever get tired of seeing the same profiles go viral off a stolen tweet

They allow users to upload content that they don"t own. But, on the other hand, they have verified model profiles where we can upload our content and get paid for the ad revenue on it. We can also transfer stolen videos to our profiles and get paid for the views they already have