Topics: Approaching women? What do I do?

How to Approach Women - the right way. Learn how confident men succeed approaching women and talking to women. Learn the 3 Myths holding you back from success with.

Lolz at Wenger"s approach to defending. Comedy.

The 18th approach and green at is showing off a bit today. Glowing in the afternoon Colorado sun. 77 degrees in August!

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Hi Diane, what did you think of the set up at

Sheesh, can"t type. I would advise to not use the same approach he uses if trying to sway people. His writing is directed at conservatives

I"ll say this in favor of Trump"s approach to NORK: It"s at least different from the previous failed approaches to NORK that got us to here

I was not optimistic about this season and still am not, but was at leas looking for a different approach. Seems I was naive

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