Topics: what are the things to avoid in rome, italy and paris, france?

After visiting Piazza Navona, I decide to head out to another famous Piazza called the Campo Fiori. Walk to my next destination, I find the streets are filled with spectacular architecture,  more outdoor art and sculpture, with surprises tucked in many spots along the way. I think walking around Rome is a great way to explore the city, you never really know what you will see along the way, and usually it is always something unique and spectacular.

While wandering around the streets outside, the Campo Fiori, I saw this stunning portal (image above) looking straight into the façade of this ornate building, completely blown away by all the magnificent details and artwork of the exterior. Little surprises like this are one of the reasons why I love visiting this amazing city, again and again.

I’m almost tempted to take this bike (below) on a spin around the Campo Fiori while eating some of those luscious oranges, or try eating some of the chestnuts which I’ve never tried eating raw before. Fortunately, the scene was a perfect vignette worth taking a picture. When the market is finally done, the cafes roll out their tables to extend the limited indoor seating to capture diners who want to see and be seen outdoors in the piazza.

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