Topics: Next step in online dating for a man over 50?

Where mean learn how to fill their calendar with first dates using online dating.

There’s no proof that organisations benefit from the endless cycle of these charades, but they can’t stop it. We’re addictedJust off to a meeting? Stop right now. Turn back. You will be stuck in an overheated room, chained to a table for an absurd length of time and stopped from proper work. Worse, we are now told that just sitting there is a killer. It shortens life. You will die. Related: One hour of activity needed to offset harmful effects of sitting at a desk Continue reading.

It's not every day you get to follow along as a spacecraft smashes into the surface of a planet. Thanks to NASA, though, you can track Cassini's fiery demise on Friday after its 20 years in space and 13 years orbiting Saturn. Watch one of the two live stream options below and countdown to Cassini's annihilation here. Read more about Cassini's journey in John Wenz's love letter to "NASA's greatest achievement" at The Week .

Top Universities for Techniques: Smokey Mountain Trucking Institute, Evans Hairstyling College - Saint George, Columbia Beauty Academy