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I was Q3/QL player, there was only mouse button to "ready" for next game after first match ended. But there in Quake Champion I dont know how to continue at the same servers with others guys.Every time after match game kick me back to the Quake menu.Thank you for advice.

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Even though matchmaking might not be balanced, those are still the most enjoyable matches I ever have out of all the comp games.

Anyway I don't consider Darkspore a direct sequel to spore. I've played the beta and it's way different than spore.

Is the matchmaking of on the broken? 3+min solo Q for comp. or is no one playing cuz it’s a cesspool of shit? May not even be able to finish placement

We strive to make matchmaking as fair as possible, but it"s a tricky process. Have you tried mixing up your squad comp a bit? What seems to be giving you trouble?

Heavily customisable space marines. Excellent.

I'm so going Devastator every time. I love BFGs. Then again, I may also be forced to go Assault every now and then.

No mention about co- op though.

Instead of making csgo better let"s just a a shit comp mode called wingman and make it"s matchmaking actual trash.If that"s what you were going for nice job. If not well i mean i expect this from an idiot company.